"California Mail" Full Movie

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Title : California Mail

Genre : Western

Cast : Dick Foran (Bill Harkins), Linda Perry (Mary Tolliver), Smoke (Smoke (as 'Smoke' the Wonder Horse)), Edmund Cobb (Roy Banton), Milton Kibbee (Bart Banton), Tom Brower (Sam Harkins), Jim Farley (Dan Tolliver), Edward Keane (Thompson), Ben Hendricks Jr. (Deputy Pete Nelson), Wilfred Lucas (Sheriff), Cliff Saum (Man Taking Bets), Gene Alsace (Jim), Glenn Strange (Henchman Bud), Bob Woodward (Henchman Frank Wyatt), Fred Burns (Hank Ferguson), Bob Burns (Branton Stage Driver (uncredited)), Tex Driscoll (Bearded Townsman at Dance (uncredited)), Hugh Farr (Fiddle Player (uncredited)), Karl Farr (Guitar Player (uncredited)), Neal Hart (Ranch Hand Jim (uncredited)), Walter James (Man Who Bets $1000 (uncredited)), Jack Kirk (Chubby Cowboy at Dance (uncredited)), Lew Meehan (Celebrating Cowboy in Black Hat at Bar (uncredited)), Bob Nolan (Bass Player (uncredited)), Tex Palmer (Townsman (uncredited)), Sons of the Pioneers (Musicians at Dance (uncredited)), Bob Reeves (Townsman (uncredited)), Sam Rice (Dance Hatcheck Man (uncredited)), Roy Rogers (Square Dance Caller (uncredited)), George Sowards (Henchman (uncredited)), Tim Spencer (Guitar Player (uncredited)), Dorothy Vernon (Townswoman at Dance (uncredited)), Victoria Vinton (Bud's Dancing Partner (uncredited))

Movie Plot : A 1936 B-western detailing early days of the Pony express. Starring Dick Foran and Linda Perry.

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