"Legion of Lost Flyers" Full Movie

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Title : Legion of Lost Flyers

Genre : Comedy, Action, Adventure

Cast : Richard Arlen (Gene 'Loop' Gillan), Andy Devine ('Beef' Brumley), Anne Nagel (Paula Wilson), William Lundigan (Ralph Perry), Guinn Williams (Jake Halley), Ona Munson (Martha Wilson), Jerry Marlowe (Freddy Simms), Leon Ames (Smythe)

Movie Plot : A group of pilots, because of unsavory or unearned reputations, establish an outpost squadron of their own, led by "Loop" Gillian, running charter-flights and hauling supplies in the frozen wastelands of Alaska. The operation does not go without misadventures, foul-ups, and a bit of treachery tossed in.

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