"The West Side Kid" Full Movie

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Title : The West Side Kid

Genre : Drama, Action, Crime, Romance

Cast : Don Barry (Johnny April (as Donald Barry)), Henry Hull (Sam Winston), Dale Evans (Gloria Winston), Chick Chandler (Shoelace), Matt McHugh (The Worrier), Nana Bryant (Mrs. Winston), Walter Catlett (Ramsey Fensel), Edward Gargan (Donovan), Chester Clute (Gwylim), Peter Lawford (Jerry Winston), Georges Metaxa (Dr. Kenton), Dorothy Burgess (Toodles), Hooper Atchley (Businessman), Charles Coleman (Butler), Mozelle Cravens (Dancer), Edward Earle (Racketeer), Fern Emmett (Landlady), Mary Kenyon (Dancer), Nolan Leary (Businessman), Brick Sullivan (Henchman), Charles Williams (Reporter)

Movie Plot : Millionaire Sam Winston is an unhappy man. His wife Constance lives a gay life, devoting all her time to parties; his daughter Gloria is in one scandal after another, changing husbands as often as her moods, and son Jerry spends his time getting drunk and chasing women. Sam hires gangster Johnny April to bump him off but Johnny, liking the old man, defers the killing and sets about making the family appreciate Sam.

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