"Manhunt of Mystery Island" Full Movie

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Title : Manhunt of Mystery Island

Genre : Action, Science Fiction

Cast : Richard Bailey (Lance Reardon), Linda Stirling (Claire Forrest), Roy Barcroft (Capt. Mephisto), Kenne Duncan (Sidney Brand), Forrest Taylor (Prof. William Forrest), Forbes Murray (Prof. Harry Hargraves), Jack Ingram (Edward Armstrong), Harry Strang (Frederick "Fred" Braley), Ed Cassidy (Paul Melton), Frank Alten (John Raymond), Lane Chandler (Police Insp. Reed), Russ Vincent (Ruga), Dale Van Sickel (Barker / Ritter / Lewis / Frazier / Sardon), Tom Steele (Lyons / Bailey), Duke Green (Spencer Harvey)

Movie Plot : Claire Forrest seeks her kidnapped scientist father, hidden somewhere on Mystery Island. He is held and forced to work on diabolical inventions by Captain Mephisto, a costumed villain.

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