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Title : The Axe of Wandsbek

Genre : Drama

Cast : Erwin Geschonneck (Albert Teetjen), Käthe Braun (Stine Teetjen), Gefion Helmke (Käthe Neumeier), Willy A. Kleinau (le colonel Hans Peter Footh), Ursula Meissner (Annette Koldewey), Blandine Ebinger (madame Lintze), Maly Delschaft (madame Lehmke), Fritz Wisten (Siegfried Mengers), Arthur Schröder (), Helmuth Hinzelmann (), Hilde Sessak (), Claus Holm (), Erika Dannhoff (), Albert Garbe (), Gert Schaefer ()

Movie Plot : Hamburg, Germany 1934: An executioner is needed. Teetjen (Erwin Geschonneck) makes the biggest mistake of his life. Because his butcher shop is facing bankruptcy, he agrees to execute a group of political prisoners for the Nazis. Once this becomes known, Teetjen’s life falls apart.

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