"As Long as They're Happy" Full Movie

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Title : As Long as They're Happy

Genre :

Cast : Jack Buchanan (John Bentley), Janette Scott (Gwen Bentley), Jeannie Carson (Pat Bentley), Diana Dors (Pearl Delaney), Brenda De Banzie (Stella Bentley), Susan Stephen (Corinne Bentley), Joan Sims (Linda), Jerry Wayne (Bobby Denver), Hugh McDermott (Barnaby Brady), Athene Seyler (Mrs. Arbuthnot), David Hurst (Dr. Hermann Schneider), Nigel Green (Peter), Norman Wisdom (Norman), Joan Hickson (Barmaid), Hattie Jacques (Party Guest), Richard Wattis (Hippodrome Stage Manager), Charles Hawtrey (Man in Hippodrome Audience)

Movie Plot : The suburban peace of the Bentley household is shattered when John Bentley is informed by his wife Stella that their two married daughters, Pat and Corrine are in trouble and need funds to come home and bring their husbands, Peter, a penniless Parisian artist and Barnaby, a Texas cowboy, with them. And the youngest daughter, Gwen, has tricked an American singer, Bobby Denver, into visiting them on the pretext that it is the home of a noted British film magnate. When all the women in the household --- including the maid --- fall for the singer's charms, Bentley consults a crackpot psychiatrist, Dr. Schneider, who almost succeeds in ousting, not the singer, but Bentley's wife, with his advice to Bentley to make her jealous by living it up with Pearl, a showgirl recruited for the purpose.

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