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Title : Come Dance with Me!

Genre : Drama, Crime, Mystery

Cast : Brigitte Bardot (Virginie Dandieu), Henri Vidal (Hervé Dandieu), Dawn Addams (Anita Florès), Darío Moreno (Florès), Noël Roquevert (Albert Decauville-Lachenée), Maria Pacôme (Mme Decauville-Lachenée), Philippe Nicaud (Daniel, professeur de danse), Paul Frankeur (le commissaire Marchal), Serge Gainsbourg (Léon, le photographe, associé d'Anita), François Chaumette (l'inspecteur Joseph)

Movie Plot : Handsome dentist Herve Dandieu, temporarily separated from his new, delectable wife Virginie by a lovers' tiff, is picked up by sexy dance teacher Anita Flores...object blackmail. Sensing trouble, Virginie follows him to the dance school, only to find him circumstantially incriminated in murder. Soon, the school has a gorgeous new instructress, whose slightly scatterbrained attempts to clear her husband confuse both police and suspects...and bring potential danger.

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