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Title : Romanoff and Juliet

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Peter Ustinov (The General), Sandra Dee (Juliet Moulsworth), John Gavin (Igor Romanoff), Akim Tamiroff (Vadim Romanoff), Alix Talton (Beulah), Rik Van Nutter (Freddie), Tamara Shayne (Marfa Zlotochienka), Edward Atienza (Patriarch), Thomas Chalmers (Chief Executive), Carl Don (The Spy), Tonio Selwart (U.N. President), John Phillips (Hooper Moulsworth), Peter Jones (Otto), John Alderson (Randal Wix)

Movie Plot : Political satire has Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet story updated for the cold war era, with the children of the US and Russian ambassadors falling in love.

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