"Decameron II" Full Movie

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Title : Decameron II

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Enzo Pulcrano (Pietro di Vinciolo), Claudia Bianchi (Pietro's Wife), Mario Brega (Ferondo), Mariangela Giordano (Ferondo's Wife), Pupo De Luca (Puccio), Antonella Murgia (Puccio's Wife), Krista Nell (Egano's Wife), Camille Keaton (Alibech), Bruna Olivieri (Spinelloccio's Wife)

Movie Plot : The winner of the Best Director’s Award at the Berlin Film Festival, Pasolini’s The Decameron proved to be the most successful of his comedies, fulfilling to every degree, his intention to make a film that was earthy, frolicsome, crowded with people and full of light. The linkage between Boccaccio’s time and the present is obvious at times, although Pasolini remains true to the spirit of the original work, avoiding professional actors for the most part, casting his film with strong, appropriate faces from the streets of Naples. Pasolini’s visual inspiration for The Decameron is the work of Giotto, the great 14th-century painter and contemporary of Boccaccio.

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