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Title : Tout va bien

Genre : Drama

Cast : Yves Montand (Lui, Jacques), Jane Fonda (Elle, Susanne), Vittorio Caprioli (Factory Manager), Elizabeth Chauvin (Genevieve), Castel Casti (Geneviève), Éric Chartier (Lucien), Yves Gabrielli (Léon), Anne Wiazemsky (Leftist woman)

Movie Plot : Tout va bien is set in 1972 — four years after the May 1968 civil unrest. The film centers on a strike at a sausage factory which is witnessed by an American reporter and her has-been New Wave film director husband. Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin dissect the structure of society, movies, love and revolution outlining the logic of the class struggle in France in the wake of the May 1968.

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