"Dragon Fight" Full Movie

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Title : Dragon Fight

Genre : Action

Cast : Jet Li (Jimmy Lee Kwok Lap), Stephen Chow (Andy Yau), Dick Wei (Tiger Wong Wai), Nina Li Chi (Penny (Kuen)), Mark Williams (Ray), Michael McFall (Tong / Dude), Henry Fong Ping (Boss Marco), Go Wang (Uncle Man), Victor Chew (Ah Ping)

Movie Plot : Jimmy and Tiger are members of the Chinese national wushu team. The two are in Los Angeles to perform exhibitions. However, for Tiger, he plans to defect to L.A. to make a name for himself. When Jimmy learns of Tigers plan to defect, an attempt to stop him fails and Jimmy ends up missing his flight to China. Now a fish out of water, Jimmy's only hope is Andy, a wisecracking youngster in L.A. Meanwhile, Tiger works for a mafia boss. When Tiger loses a fortune in cocaine in a detergent box that Andy accidentally took, Andy and Jimmy soon have no choice but to face the wrath of Tiger and his men. Their only ally is Penny, the girlfriend of Tiger's boss. Two men who were once best friends have now become bitter enemies.

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