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Title : Open Fire

Genre : Action, Drama

Cast : David Carradine (Joe Rourke), Henry Yu Yung (Master Ly (as Bruce Ly)), Hugo Stiglitz (Don Gaspar), Christine Lunde (Morgan), Kansas Carradine (Gina Rourke), Wanda Acuna (Linda), Jorge Reynoso (1st Lieutenant), Julio Aldama Jr. (Sheriff Roca), Anaís de Melo (Panther), Agustín Bernal (Commando), Adalberto Arvizu (Commando)

Movie Plot : A stomach churning potpourri of explosions, gunfire and army trucks ramming through grass and twig huts. The needle in a haystack plot seems to involve our protagonist rescuing his family from some South American drug cartel, or something. At one point Carradine yells those immortal words: "get the hell out of here" through closed lips. The villain of the piece never utters a line of dialogue, preferring instead to stalk about in a cape, squinting cannily beneath beret and drooping mustache (with hawk perched on shoulder for added effect). Avoid at all costs, unless you enjoy beating yourself repeatedly over the head with a flail.

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