"The Mighty Quinn" Full Movie

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Title : The Mighty Quinn

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast : Denzel Washington (Xavier Quinn), James Fox (Thomas Elgin), Mimi Rogers (Hadley Elgin), M. Emmet Walsh (Fred Miller), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Lola Quinn), Art Evans (Jump Jones), Esther Rolle (Ubu Pearl), Robert Townsend (Maubee), Keye Luke (Dr. Raj), Cedella Marley (Eliza), Norman Beaton (Governor Chalk), Alex Colon (Jose Patina), Tyra Ferrell (Isola), Carl Bradshaw (Cocodick), Maria McDonald (Jax), Fitz Weir (Athens), Michael Rose (Wedding Singer), Rita Marley (Wedding Singer), Sharon Tucker (Wedding Singer), Michael Hewlett (Wedding Singer), Christopher Meredith (Wedding Singer), Arnold Backenridge (Wedding Singer), Henry Judd Baker (Nicotine), Kenneth Casey (Phylo), David R. Ellis (Jersey), Oliver Samuels (Rupert), Earl 'Chinna' Smith (Wedding Singer), Michael London (Preacher)

Movie Plot : Police chief Xavier Quinn investigates the gruesome murder of Donald Pater, one of the wealthiest residents on a Caribbean island. He was found decapitated in his Jacuzzi. Although the local political establishment, especially crooked Governor Chalk, insists that small-time thief Maubee is responsible, Xavier has his doubts. This view is complicated by the police chief's personal history with Maubee: The men have been friends since childhood.

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