"The Night That Never Happened" Full Movie

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Title : The Night That Never Happened

Genre : Drama

Cast : Lisa Boyle (Roxy), Joshua D. Comen (Brad), Scott Coppola (Jeremy), Judd Dunning (Rat), Colleen McDermott (Tori), David Millbern (Eric), Kira Reed Lorsch (Claire), Sandy Wasko (Candy), Nikki Nova (L.A. Babe), Harrison Young (Dad)

Movie Plot : The events that occur the night of a bachelor party are often shrouded in secrecy--until now! The night before Claire and Brad's wedding, Claire sends her friend Tori along to make sure Brad behaves himself. But before the evening is over, a stripper will make off with the cash; a loan shark will have to be paid off; the maid of honor will be kidnapped; and the groom will be held hostage by a sexy dominatrix. But the real question is: will they make it to the church on time?

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