"Fist of Golden Monkey" Full Movie

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Title : Fist of Golden Monkey

Genre : Drama, Action

Cast : Elton Chong (Ki Pae-Chun), Eagle Han Ying (Leader of the 8 Beasts), Kwon Sung-Young (Master Mu-Hyung), Kim Wuk (Yeok Bal-san), Bruce Cheung Mong (One of the 8 Beasts), Kim Ki-Ju (One of the 8 Beasts), Kim Myeong-Ah (One of the 8 Beasts), Park Jong-Kuk (One of the 8 Beasts), Kook Jong-Hwan (One of the 8 Beasts)

Movie Plot : A young boy must learn Kung-Fu like his father while helping keep the "secret manual" out of the wrong hands.

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