"Bolivar Is Me" Full Movie

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Title : Bolivar Is Me

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Cast : Robinson Díaz (Santiago miranda / Simon Bolivar), Amparo Grisales (Alejandra Barberini / Manuela Saenz), Jairo Camargo (President of Colombia), Fanny Mikey (TV Producer), Maria Eugenia Davila (Mother of Simon Bolivar), Vicky Rueda (Kelly)

Movie Plot : Santiago Miranda¸ an actor representing Bolivar in a television series¸ leaves furious recording because it disagrees with the scripts they oblige die Bolívar¸ against the wall. Between the lucidity and the madness¸ Miranda really acts as a Bolívar prepared to perform any act that allows to conclude the unifying of the Liberator task and as an actor which seeks to rewrite reality to make it look to the dreams of Simón Bolívar.

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