"Listen to My Heart" Full Movie

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Title : Listen to My Heart

Genre :

Cast : Takako Tokiwa (), Kento Hayashi (), Tomoko Nakajima (), Nozomu Iwao (), Terunosuke Takezai (), Masato Hagiwara (), Manami Honjô (), Mitsuru Fukikoshi (), Naomasa Musaka (), Nako Mizusawa (), Shirô Itô (), Tsurutaro Kataoka (), Teruhiko Saigô (), Kosuke Toyohara (), Kaoru Yachigusa (), Tatsuya Nakadai (), Keisuke Tomita ()

Movie Plot : A radio DJ, Mao starts a new program called, "Love Letters from the Drawer" to assist people who need an extra push to send out their simple yet very important message for their loved ones. The show was inspired by her own experience after reading a letter from her father after he died. Through her radio show, various characters come to light as everyone awaits for a miracle to happen. A miracle which can occur only by them expressing their true feelings... The movie is full of emotions and music plays an important part of it. It has a great cast that represent the many faces of love. Parents, sons, lovers, and friends. The movie takes you to several locations within Japan, you can get a look at the beautiful coast and shrine, as well as the city sights

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