"Babe, I Love You" Full Movie

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Title : Babe, I Love You

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Anne Curtis (Sasa Sanchez), Sam Milby (Nico Borromeo), Laurice Guillen (Isabel Borromeo), Tetchie Agbayani (Lala Sanchez), Nikki Valdez (Chrissie), KitKat (Agnes), Guji Lorenzana (Jet), NiƱa Dolino (Monique), Leo Rialp (Dean Kintanar), Ricardo Cepeda (Bobby), Megan Young (Gaita), AJ Perez (Gian), Shamaine Buencamino (Margarita), Nicole Uysiuseng (Chloe), Thou Reyes (Bembem), Nikki Bacolod (Kangkeng), Angel Sy (Tamtam), C.J. Javarata (Tere), Roden Araneta (Ibarra Gonzales), Cheska Ortega (Ms. Vivez), Justin Gonzales (Mr. Palisoc), Gigi Locsin (Isabel's Friend), Jessette Prospero (Isabel's Friend)

Movie Plot : Opposites attract in this satisfying Filipino romance, which centers on Nico (Sam Milby), a handsome and wealthy architecture professor who cannot stop himself from falling in love with free-spirited Sasa (Anne Curtis), a beautiful promo girl with a shady past. Effectively combining humor with heartfelt emotion, this enchanting love story also features Laurice Guillen as Nico's disapproving mother

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