"The Young Karl Marx" Full Movie

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Title : The Young Karl Marx

Genre : History, Drama

Cast : August Diehl (Karl Marx), Stefan Konarske (Friedrich Engels), Vicky Krieps (Jenny von Westphalen), Olivier Gourmet (Pierre Proudhon), Hannah Steele (Mary Burns), Rolf Kanies (Moses Hess), Niels-Bruno Schmidt (Karl Grün), Alexander Scheer (Wilhelm Weitling), Marie Meinzenbach (Lenchen), Hans-Uwe Bauer (Arnold Ruge), Wiebke Adam (Mme Ruge), Aran Bertetto (Paddy), Ulrich Brandhoff (Herrmann Kriege), Ivan Franěk (Bakunin), Peter Benedict (Friedrich Engels sen.), Eric Godon (The foreman), Stephen Hogan (Thomas Naylor), Inga R. Kammerer (Old woman), Annabelle Lewiston (Lizzy Burns), Denis Lyons (James), Damien Marchal (Pavel Annenkov), Elsa Mollien (Sybille Hess), Torsten Ranft (), Jürgen Rißmann (), Henning Peker (Stirner)

Movie Plot : 26 year-old Karl Marx embarks with his wife, Jenny, on the road to exile. In 1844 in Paris, he meets Friedrich Engels, an industrialist’s son, who has been investigating the sordid birth of the British working class. Engels, the dandy, provides the last piece of the puzzle to the young Karl Marx’s new vision of the world. Together, between censorship and the police’s repression, riots and political upheavals, they will lead the labor movement during its development into a modern era.

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