"Kein Sex ist auch keine Lösung" Full Movie

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Title : Kein Sex ist auch keine Lösung

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Stephan Luca (Tom Moreno), Marleen Lohse (Elisa), Anna Thalbach (Paule), Johannes Allmayer (Luke), Oliver Fleischer (Vince), Tetje Mierendorf (Klaus), Armin Rohde (Rolf), Corinna Harfouch (Theresa), Michael Lott (Ronald), Janin Ullmann (Lydia Cremand), Carolin Spiess (Kirsten), Daniel Wiemer (Marc), Stefan Kretzschmar (Leon), Felicitas Woll (Susanne), Alexander Bornhuetter (Paolo), Collien Ulmen-Fernandes (Linda), Michael Kessler (Urs Cremand), Hannelore Elsner (Friederike Cremand), Thomas Kügel (Beamter), Melanie Marschke (Nicki)

Movie Plot : The recruiter Tom Moreno (Stephan Luca) are familiar with women and how they, after you won it for themselves, going on at the latest after the third time back to. As ELISA (Marleen Lohse), the new art director of his agency, doesn't want to exit on this scam, Tom falls into a crisis of meaning. But even his friends have to contend with their problems: Vince (Oliver Fleischer) finds his wife in Tom's bed. By Tom's mother (Corinna Harfouch), Luke (Johannes Allmayer) learns that sex is not a solution. Tom's roommate Paule (Anna Thalbach) fell into a tie holder (Michael Lott) and mutated by the buddy type to the Femme fatale. His Chief Rolf created him (Armin Rohde) also still, that the Agency is virtually broke. Tom starts for the first time, to reconsider his old proven lifestyle.

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