"The Face of Another" Full Movie

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Title : The Face of Another

Genre : Drama

Cast : Laura Chiatti (Bella), Alessandro Preziosi (René), Lino Guanciale (Tru Tru), Iaia Forte (Suora infermiera), Angela Goodwin (Propietaria negozio animali impagliati), Fabrizio Contri (Produttore televisivo), Giancarlo Cauteruccio (Lo sponsor del programma), Arnaldo Ninchi (Dottore assicurazione), Paolo Graziosi (Assicuratore), Elisa Di Eusanio (Moglie camperista)

Movie Plot : Bella is the host of a popular television program about plastic surgery. Her husband René is a surgeon who performs operations on guests during the same show. Then Bella is fired, due to a drop in the ratings. She storms out of the TV studio and has a terrible car accident on the way home, leaving her disfigured. Yet what might well seem to be the coup de grace for Bella’s career turns out to be the perfect occasion to relaunch her own image...

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