Aventuras de Joselito en América 1960

Joselito lives with his grandmother in a fishing village. His father went to America long ago to make a fortune. One day, the boy decides to travel there to meet him. He takes courage and embarks on a fragile boat and miraculously is saved at sea by a vessel that leads him to Mexico where he meets Tom Thumb, a little newsboy who lives many adventures and helps him in the search.

Joselito 2016

In Aituy, a little town on Chiloe island, every year they hold 'the procession of the Nazarene', a nine day celebration of Holy week in which all the locals fervently participate. Joselito and his father have decided not to participate in it this year. Joselito`s mother has recently died, leaving the family feeling isolated and without a reason to believe in Christ. Father and son have to face their loss and learn to take care of themselves and get along with each other, despite their being unable to live under the same roof. The mother`s absence becomes more and more present. The father becomes more and more helpless. winter storm season begins, the day of the procession is arriving and the tragic end is unavoidable,

Joselito vagabundo 1966

Rene, a street urchin, is coerced by the head of a gang of thieves, Frank, who wants to force him to remain in their organization. One day, Rene meets Anita, a young aristocrat to whom Frank attempted to rob. And because she feels sympathy for him, the boy will have the opportunity to change his life and leave the country to make a deal with a rich heir, Fernando de Ponce, which proposes Rene to supplant him before his old aunt, who does not know him.

Bello recuerdo 1961

Back from vacation, Lucy, a school's music teacher, misses a boy. People say he will not return because he recently lost his father. She is very affected by his favorite student, so she decides to go to see him, finding the house in utter ruin. But chance makes Lucy forced to take the child and immediately found in him the son that was kidnapped years ago in America when she was a famous artist.

Nightingale Song 1959

Joselito is a naughty boy that sings like the nightingales. He lives in a little town near Sevilla. He has a great success due to his magnificent voice and then he can practice charity with a girl from his town.

El Secreto de Tomy 1963

The racing stables of Gandia family go to auction. Tomy, son of the owner, manages to save his favorite horse, "Cantador". Now, his only obsession is to resolve the problems of his father, providing him a new wife and riding his horse at the races. After a while, in the Official Prize, "Cantador", ridden by Tomy wins. This fact causes everyone to be interested in the horse and eventually Tomy will be forced to auction it to liquidate their debts. But the new owner is the father of Luchy, Tomy's classmate , and he will do everything possible to recover it.