"The Dixie Flyer" Full Movie

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Title : The Dixie Flyer

Genre : Drama, Action

Cast : Cullen Landis ('Sunrise' Smith), Eva Novak (Rose Rapley / Rose Jones), Ferdinand Munier (President John J. Rapley), Ferdinand Munier (Vice-President Arthur Bedford), Art Rowlands (Tom Bedford (as A. Richard Rowlands)), Pat Harmon (Chief Clerk J.K. Burke)

Movie Plot : The railroad is building a new line, but the workers are unhappy. That's because one of the board members, hoping to oust the man in charge of the project (Rapley), has a saboteur on site. Rapley's daughter, Rose, sneaks out to the project to become their telegraph operator and, with the help of the supervisor, "Sunrise" Smith, eventually discovers the plot and helps catch the bad guys amid several thrilling train chases.

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