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Title : Agnieszka

Genre : Drama

Cast : Karolina Gorczyca (Agnieszka Radomska), Hildegard Schmahl (Madame), Lorenzo Nedis (Manuel), Elisa Schlott (Laura), Jörg Witte (Jacek), Thomas Darchinger (Herr Wollenbeck), Wojciech Zielinsk (Kuba), Ole Eisfeld (Vincent Kern), Jan Messutat (Bernd Kasper), Johannes Silberschneider (Herr Dannenfeld), Christina Beier (Rezeptionistin), Amanda da Gloria (Akira), Angelika Fink (Frau Wollenbeck), Rafal Garnecki (Rafal), Thomas Gräßle (Fahrkartenkontrolleur), Miroslaw Kotowicz (), Tom Radisch (Dieb), Hannah Scheibe (Gabi Kasper)

Movie Plot : "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" is the life motto of 30-year-old Agnieszka. After serving five years in prison, Agnieszka flees Poland for Germany in an attempt to start over. In Munich she meets the lonely 70-year-old Madame, boss of an escort agency. The woman provides her with a refuge and a job: Agnieszka begins to work as a dominatrix for Madame. She becomes like a daughter to her. All seems well until a much younger boy falls in love with Agnieszka. Madame will not stand any competition."

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